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Your new - used remote keyless entry will need to be programmed with your vehicle in order to work...
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    If you...

  • Have a keyless remote that needs to be programmed...
  • Just purchased a used car or truck & it was missing the keyless entry remote...
  • Lost your old keyless entry remote clicker and need a replacement remote...
  • Need to replace your old worn out or broken keyfob....
  • Want to add another remote to your installed remote keyless entry system...

The store can help by making this

as pain free & convenient as possible.

We offer keyless remote controls at up to... of dealership prices!

Let's get started...

  1. You have your old keyfob (non-working or otherwise)
    1. Turn the remote to the backside
    2. Type in the FCC ID # or the Part # into the FCC ID or Part # search box (located on the upper-left of this page)
  2. You do NOT have your old keyless entry remote...
    1. Just choose your Make, Year & Model from the pull down menu (located on the upper-left of this page)
      Please Note: Make certain that the remote you choose looks like your old remote control.
      or ...
    2. Inquire with a local dealer or locksmith as to which:
      • FCC ID # AND Part # you will need to match the RKE (Remote Keyless Entry) system installed in your vehicle
      • The dealer will be able to identify the correct RKE system and remote for your car by your VIN # (this can be located on your registration card for your vehicle or on the lower right-hand corner (driver's side) of your windshield.)

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Remote Programming

Remote Programming Instructions

Your new, pre-owned remote keyless entry will need to be programmed with your vehicle in order to work with your vehicle...We offer free self-programming instructions on hundreds of vehicles...Click below to see the programming requirements for your vehicle:

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This remote will need to be programmed TO YOUR VEHICLE, WITH YOUR VEHICLE present in order to work with your vehicle – all previously programmed remotes will become inactive and must be reprogrammed at the same time.

Some vehicles may require diagnostic programming, using a scan tool or factory equipment to reprogram the remote to your vehicle.  This service is only available from a Dealer or Locksmith.  Please contact your local Dealer or Locksmith for information and pricing. 

For a locksmith in your area: 

If you are in the USA please go to:

If you are outside of the USA please go to:

Remote Batteries

Remote Batteries

Choose from an assortment of replacement batteries for your keyless remote.

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Battery types include:
CR2032    CR2016    CR2025
GP23A  CR1220  CR1616
AA  AAA  GP27A  23A

Key Fobs (Keyfobs) = Keyless Entry Remote Control

Are you looking for a replacement electronic Key Fob for your automobile? can provide you with the correct replacement key fob 

at a much lower price than you will find at your local dealership.

Key fobs enable you to lock and unlock your car or truck or SUV using a keychain-remote.  Keyless entry remotes (key fobs) typically consist of a series of buttons on the front surface of the remote control, permitting the driver to lock and unlock the car, open the trunk latch, open the automatic power sliding doors of a handicap van or a mini-van, and even set the vehicle’s alarm on and off in case of an emergency.  Many keyfobs are now engineered with Remote Keyless Ignition (RKI).  RKI allows the driver to start the automobile from a remote distance.  This means you can remotely start the vehicle from your warm house in the cold winter months.  There are also now smartkeys or "smart" key fobs which are hands free.  If your automobile is engineered with an advanced key system, it can be conveniently locked and unlocked without driver input.  The advanced keyless entry systems also provide the driver of the vehicle with auto ignition and can be programmed to lock and unlock and even remote start a vehicle without the use of any button activation.  Amazingly, the manufacturers have engineered these systems to be very secure.  The assigned distinguishing radio bands and unique encryption to inhibit sniffing and replication of wireless key signals.

We are all very busy and you should allow yourself the inexpensive luxury and convenience provided by keyless entry remote controls and car starters. provides key fobs for almost all vehicle brands at low, money-saving prices, compared to the cost at your local car dealership.  KeylessRemotes4u provides free manufacturer programming and reprogramming requirements / instructions for nearly all of the key fobs in our store.