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RED 44
FCC ID: G5735T X 1600 (G5735TX1600)
Part #: N/A
Canada/Mexico Part #: N/A
Reg. Price: $169.00
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1. How to Program Remote Control
2. Compatibility Information
3. An Explanation Key for the Remote's Condition





This is a USED Factory Original Equipment O.E.M.
keyless remote control transmitter.

Remote / Battery Specifications

LED Light:None
Battery:Yes, Installed
Buttons: 1:



1: GPA27  




1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 Subaru SVX 


Operating instructions for the standard remote entry and alarm. (from owners manual, TSBs).
information is always subject to change and correction

When activated the SVX security system helps protect your car and valuables from intrusion and theft by sounding the horn, flashing the lights, and interrupting the starter circuit.

Early SVX alarm systems gave off false alarms due to a bad connection in the main Security switch on the dashboard. If you still have this, be sure to leave it in the 'on' position, and Subaru recommended turning it on-off every week or so with the car parked and the engine running just to keep the connection clean.

  Turning the system on and off. With the ignition turned off, press the dashboard on/off switch marked 'security'. The system is on when the lighted switch flashes, and off when the light is out.

  • Operation with Remote Transmitter.
    • When leaving the car, ensure the on/off switch is on and flashing. Close all doors and trunk
    • To arm the system and lock the doors, push the remote transmitter button until the car signals 'armed' with one beep of the horn and one flash of the lights
    • To disarm the system and unlock the doors, push the remote transmitter until the car horn signals two beeps and two flashes of the lights.
    • If the system is armed with the remote it should be disarmed with the remote. If not, open the door with the key and stop the alarm by turning on the ignition.
  • Operation without Remote Transmitter
    • To arm the system when leaving the car ensure the on/off switch is on and flashing, and doors and trunk closed.
    • Depress the inside driver's door lock or lock door with the key
    • System is automatically armed and locks any unlocked doors 20 seconds after the last door/trunk closes
    • To disarm the system, unlock either door, enter car and tun on ignition
    • Audible reminder countdown inside car signals impending alarm activation until ignition is turned on (20 seconds)
  • Turning off the alarm
    • Press remote transmitter until the alarm stops or turn on the inanition with the key
  • Panic Mode. The alarm may be set off to draw attention to an emergency situation
    • To activate: depress remote transmitter for at least 6 seconds. The horn sounds a warning note after 2 seconds until the full alarm sounds
    • To stop the panic alarm. Press and hold the transmitter until the alarm stops or use the key to turn on the ignition.
  • Keyless entry. Even with the security turned off, lock or unlock the doors by depressing the transmitter. The horn will confirm the action with multiple short but very quiet beeps

To re-program existing remotes if the battery is dead/replaced etc.
The remotes must be re-programmed whenever the battery is dead/disconnected. The parking lights will flash and the electronic module will click which means it's time to reprogram. Subaru warns damage to the relay might happen if the remotes are not programmed promptly when the battery is reconnected.

The antenna for the system is behind the glove box, so point the remotes in that general area and press the button on the remotes slowly and firmly a total of 5 times. This means if you are using 1 remote, push it slowly 5x, if you are using 2 remotes push 1 3x and the other 2x, again a total of 5 times. The parking lights flash each time.

To program NEW remotes
Turn the dashboard Security switch off (no light).
Turn the ignition switch on-off, leave off with key in ignition.
Immediately and -quickly- repeatedly tap the dashboard security switch on-off until the horn starts to beep. The system will indicate programming mode by the parking lights flashing and control unit clicking.
I'm told the SVX can be hard to get into programming mode, so be patient and start tapping the security switch immediately and quickly after turning the ignition switch on-off, and keep tapping it until the horn beeps.
If you get bored, start again, which you might have to do anyway I'm told. It might take a number of attempts to get into programming mode.

When in programming mode then:
push the remote 4 times which means....
1 remote: push the remote slowly and firmly 4x
doing 2 remotes? push each remote button slowly anf firmly 2x, for a total of 4x

When done: To complete turn the ignition switch on-off and make sure the parking lights aren't flashing anymore and remove the key.

Update Note:  the SVX theft deterrent system was upgraded for the 92 1/2 model, and retrofitted free for all customers whose SVX's had the original theft deterrent system-- consisting of a new security module and a new security system switch. This unit has a permanent memory, and only requires programming for new remotes. To do so, turn the security system switch off. Insert the key and turn it on and off twice, leaving the key in the ignition. Immediately begin pressing the security switch button  on and off rapidly untill the horn beeps (this may take many, many times). You should also hear the security module clicking (it is behind the glove box for models with one airbag). Once the horn beeps, immediately push the button on each remote, twice. The horn will also beep each time the button is pressed to indicate the transmitter frequency was recorded. After programming the second key, cycle the iginition switch on and off to exit the programming mode (this may have to be done twice to effectively exit). That should do it. If not, try again.
Not using the keyless entry for an extended period of time may result in the need to replace the module. You'll know this if the lock/unlock feature does not work after audible evidence that the new remotes were effectively programmed (i.e. the horn beeped during the programming process) or if the lock/unlock feature is slow to function (i.e. you have to push and hold the remote button for an inordinately long time before the lock/unlock feature operates).

  *All vehicles installed with factory Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)


This Remote Needs to be Programmed to Your Vehicle in Order to Work With Your Vehicle:


 Free Programming Instructions




Not Sure if This Remote Will Work With Your Vehicle?




NEW = Brand new- never used


GOOD / LIKE NEW = Good Condition / Pre-Owned  


CUT KEY BLADE = This means the blade has already been cut to one vehicle's ignition and will not work for yours- you will need to take the keyless remote to a local locksmith or dealer in order to have them replace the keyblade with a new one and cut it to fit your ignition switch.


UNCUT / NEW KEY BLADE = This means the blade has never been cut to fit a vehicle's ignition swtich and you will need to take the keyless remote to a local locksmith or dealer in order to have them cut the keyblade to fit your ignition switch.   



CHIPPED CASE = This means the casing of the remote has a chip (usually about 1" in length) out of the casing's edge. If you click on "More Images" below the large photo on listing page you will be able to view a photo of the chip. The case will still stay secruely closed and is sealed regardless of the chip. SEE PHOTO in MORE IMAGES.



COMPLETELY FADED WRITING = All of the writing on the buttons of the remote will be faded.

ONE BROKEN KEYRING LOOP = This keyless remote control style normally has two keyring loops; however, this one only has one keyring loop : one is broken off. The existing keyring loop will securely hold your keyring.

SOME FADED WRITING & ONE BROKEN KEYRING LOOP = Some of the writing on this remote's buttons will be faded. This keyless remote control style normally has two keyring loops; however, this one only has one keyring loop : one is broken off. The existing keyring loop will securely hold your keyring.

COMPLETELY FADED WRITING & ONE BROKEN KEYRING LOOP = All of the writing on this remote's buttons will be faded. This keyless remote control style normally has two keyring loops; however, this one only has one keyring loop : one is broken off. The existing keyring loop will securely hold your keyring.

DRIVER'S DOOR ONLY =This is an added safety feature which allows the driver to lock and unlock the vehicle driver-side door without locking and unlocking the remaining vehicle doors.


Key Fobs (Keyfobs) = Keyless Entry Remote Control


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